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Trains in Perth and Western Australia
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3801 Ltd (NSW): 38 (steam)
Australian Railroad Group: 1200 1600 1900 2200 2300 2500 3100 4000 422 42200 830 900 A AB AC ALF CLF CLP D DA DB DC DD GM L NJ P Q S T
Bennett Brook Railway: BT (steam) Planet Pw
BHPB Iron Ore: B C636 CM40-8M CM40-8MEFI CM40-8ML F7A
CFCLA: 422 44 EL GM TL
Cityrail (NSW): 620 720 C-Set Endevour K-Set M-set S-Set Tangara V-Set
Connex (NSW): Lightrail Monorail
Connex (VIC): Connex Hitachi
Countrylink (NSW): 48 Xplorer XPT
CRT Group: CS
Freight Australia: G V
Freightcorp (NSW): 48 80 82 90
Genesee Wyoming Australia: 2200 GM
Hamersley Iron: 10 20 7
Hotham Valley Railway: C G G (steam) Pm (steam) SEC V W (steam) XA Z
M-Train (VIC): blah
M-Tram (VIC): A2 B2 D W W5 W6 Z1 Z3
Pacific National: 80 81 82 90 AN DL NR XR XRB
Pemberton Tramway Company: Tram V Y
Perth Electric Tramway Society: Tram
Pichi Richi Railway (SA): W (steam)
Pilbara Rail: 70 90
Preserved Locomotives: A (steam) ADA ADG ADx B B (steam) BM C (steam) Dd (steam) DH E Es (steam) F Fs (steam) G (steam) H (steam) N N (steam) NF (steam) NFB (steam) NSU O (steam) P (steam) Pm (steam) Pmr (steam) Pr (steam) R (steam) RA S (steam) SEC steam TA U (steam) Ut (steam) V (steam) W (steam) X XA Y Y (steam) Yx (steam)
Queensland Rail: 3900 5000 G IMU railcar
Robe River: CM40-8M RSC3
Silverton: 80 C Cs
South Spur Rail: D F K KA NA R RA ZB
Specialised Container Transport: G H K SCT
Track Machines: EM JH MMY rail RC RG TM
Transperth: EMU railcar
Transwa: Australind Prospector
V-Line (VIC): A N P Sprinter Y
West Coast Railway (VIC): B S
Yarra Trams (VIC): B2 C

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DBZ2310 late afternoon on 253 empty coal train through Harvey.

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